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Chance The Rapper Feat. Nicki Minaj – Zanies and Fools

Chance The Rapper is the most hospitable dudes in hip-hop, so I’ve been told. Before giving Nicki Minaj the nod to close out The Big Day with a heady message to her Barbs, the young Chicagoan did the same, but with less fervor, his lifestyle a helluva more tranquil between the page breaks. Nicki Minaj’s opens her account on “Zanies and Fools” with her chin up, suggesting that she could have gone the Making The Band route earlier in her career but chose the path with the MOST resistance and greater yield.

In the middle section of her verse, she drops the bomb of all bombs, at least to her Barbie loyalists, concerning the possibility of a 9-month layoff due to her imminent pregnancy – the same pregnancy she’s been hinting towards for month on end. To cap things off, Nicki Minaj eschews the gushy feelings once again to re-emerge her brash, braggadocious self.

“Got some felons that’ll put you on ice, so don’t sleep, she rhymes with, “Bout to dead this whole beat for rocks and gold teeth.” And yes, Chance the Rapper was his light-hearted self earlier on in the proceedings, implying that a drug-addled visit to the player ball had made a gentleman out of him, in a previous lifetime.

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